Why Give?
Excellence at Southeastern University is measured by the University’s ability to transform lives through education. A college education not only gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen professions but also strengthens their ability to think analytically in order to contribute constructively to society. Your gifts to SEU make it possible to transform lives—at the University and beyond. Scholarships attract some of the brightest young minds to Southeastern University, giving them the financial resources needed for success. Read more about how your gifts impactstudentsfacultyprograms, and facilities.

Tell Us Your Story
The impact private support has made on Southeastern University can be seen throughout campus, the local community and beyond. If you are a donor or the beneficiary of a gift, you are part of this legacy. To share why you chose to give or how private support has influenced your life, we invite you to Tell Us Your Story.

Ways to Give
There are many ways to give to Southeastern University. Whether your gift qualifies as an Annual Gift, Endowed Gift or Planned Gift, each type of gift makes an impact on current as well as future students and faculty at Southeastern University.

Annual Gifts
Annual gifts offer a unique opportunity for alumni, parents and friends to ensure the continued success of the University. Through annual gifts, you may choose to designate your support for students, faculty or research in any of the University's colleges, schools, or programs.
Endowed Gifts 
The basic plan underlying an endowed fund is simple. The principal of the fund is never spent. It is invested and the earnings are used to fulfill the purpose(s) for which the fund was created. Funds may be created for scholarships, lectureships, research, professorships, academic chairs, scientific and technical equipment, capital improvements or any other educational purpose of Southeastern University.
Planned Gifts 
Careful estate planning yields special advantages for donors and their heirs while enabling them to support the important work of Southeastern University in a significant and lasting way. The SEU Advancement Office can help donors meet their philanthropic and financial goals while they provide significant support to the University and its various academic programs. There are many ways contributors can ensure the future of the institution. Learn more about how you can make a planned gift to SEU.